We all know how important it is to sync your contacts. What do you mean by syncing you may ask? By syncing we mean that any changes in one app results in the same changes in the other. This has become an integral social media habit as we use so many platforms simultaneously. Syncing reduces our work and helps to keep all our accounts up to date without having to make changes manually in each app individually.

Syncing contacts on your android with your Gmail account has benefits which is the same as Shared contacts for Gmail

  1. NEVER LOSE YOUR CONTACTS AGAIN: You won’t ever lose your contacts. Even if you are someone who very easily loses their phones, all you have to do is to log in with your Gmail account to restore all your contacts.
  2. REMAIN UPDATED: once you update your contacts in your android phone the same changes will be visible in your Gmail contacts.

Here’s how to sync all the contacts on your android phone with your Gmail account.

  • ADD YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT: the first thing you want to do before you sync your contacts is to create a Gmail account first and then log into it from your device. This step is necessary only for a new device and you may or may not add another account for syncing on your existing device.
  • After you have logged in with your Gmail on your device, go to “settings” and then click “accounts and sync”
  • Enable the account syncing service.
  • You will be guided to an email account set up. Select the account in which you want to back up your contacts.
  • Enable the “sync contacts” option.
  • Press “sync now” to sync all your contact with your Google shared contacts account. Because this may take some time, make sure you don’t interrupt the syncing by fidgeting with your phone too much. Wait till the sync is complete.
  • Now log into Gmail from your desktop and click the Gmail text link that can be seen on the upper left side of the Gmail profile.
  • Select “contacts” and you will see a page that shows you all your updated contacts.

This is how you sync all your android contacts with your Gmail shared contacts account. 

Gmail is one of the most useful creations of google. Syncing is only one of the various services it provides. Gmail does not only allow android to mail syncing, it also allows other kinds of syncing like syncing your desktop web browser with your phone web browser. This way you never lose out on any information and can continue working despite one of the devices getting affected. 

In this fast paced world, syncing all your accounts is indeed the need of the hour. Are you someone who is tired of manually changing and updating each individual account of yours? The solution is to create a single Gmail account and sync all your accounts and device with that particular Gmail account. This way all your personal information remains unharmed and you can easily access all your information easily at your fingertips. Learn more about Share Email Contacts.

The New Age Security System

Security is of utmost importance these days as crimes are on the rise, and troublemakers are running free. Thereby, a rising demand in the installation of Visitor Management System is seen. If your VMS is up to date it will drive away wrong doers effectively. That way your employees or students can get in easily without much hassle. But if you have installed such systems into your office be sure to upgrade and update your Visitor Management software.

Improvement in security

Public shootings have started growing in numbers by the minute. Even educational institutions are unsafe. Schoolchildren are getting killed. It does lead common people to question such institutions’ concern with the security and wellbeing of its people. If you have not installed such security systems yet in your organization then you are simply backdated or are least bothered about your employees’ security. It does not give a good impression.

Visitor Management software

Necessary features

All being said, it is not enough to install the system; you must use the latest version available. Your Visitor management software should also be installed in the proper place. The lobby of your building is accessible to everyone. It is needless to mention then that your lobby must include a VMS. Similarly in schools, extra level of security may be maintained, where they might install a vestibule that will check every visitor’s ID before entrance. There are also other systems such as the smart video monitoring technique which helps deter any criminal and not just identify them.

Validating ID

Collecting information from the visitors is a necessary step towards assuring security. Your visitor management software will work better that way. Apart from checking the authenticity of their driver’s license you must also get their photographs and signatures. Asking for a second ID is also a good idea. Another smart system is providing a temporary ID badge, this will help your to spot check them if they re-enter the building.

Having your occupants authorized is also a step towards better security. The visitor management software systems are built to allow the occupant in advance by using an online security system. There will also be a time stamp on such records and whoever is authorized to oversee the process can see the exact moment when the individual has entered the premises. This is in every possible way, far better than the old practice of signing people in and out on paper. Those records are easily lost, while digital records are not


If you are a part of the management of an organization of repute, you must have discussed the security options for your workplace. If your organization has a large enough space, and consists of a lobby it is better advised that you install visitor management software. But the installation is not where it ends. It should be an effective one and must remain so. So constantly look for latest software, keep an eye out for any discrepancy in the system and keep attending to them; update as and when necessary and you will be both physically and emotionally secure. Get more info here about IT Softwares!

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